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Bioinformatics I

Introduction to Bioinformatics

Biyoenformatik I

Biyoenformatiğe Giriş

Mehmet Keçeci


Bioinformatics I

Introduction to Bioinformatics
Authored by Mehmet Keçeci
Edition: 1.0.0

Bioinformatics courses increased rapidly with ICT basic science in the use of the natural result of increased especially to be connected to too many parameters of biological events, such as the inclusion long process are complex, the solution of complex events and storing them, interpretation and results in a short time a science and emerged to obtain the discipline branch. Both the content is far from each other to eliminate the hassle of science administration in both branches at the same time these branches of science has led to the necessity of giving bioinformatics as a discipline.

Publication Date:Nis 18 2015
ISBN/EAN13:1511789123 / 9781511789127
Page Count:160
Binding Type:US Trade Paper
Trim Size:8" x 10"
Color:Black and White
Related Categories:Science / Biotechnology

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